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SIGNATURE FOOD - Uzbek and Uigur


Pilaf or Plov is a dish, an indispensable component of which is rice, known since time immemorial. In X - XI centuries on the great feast PILAF was prepared with special type of rice called devzira. In the XV century it was considered an honorary dish and it was served on weddings and big celebrations as well as at funeral ceremonies.

In folk medicine PILAF was considered as healthful and was recommended for indisposition, exhaustion, after long-term starvation, the transfer of a serious illness, etc. Eat this dish before and after hard physical labor or during bad weather.
Authentic name of the dish “PALOV OSH” is an abbreviation: P - piez (onion), A - aez (carrot), L - lahm (meat), O - olio (oil), V - vet (salt), O - ob (water), SH - shaly (rice).
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Mehmon-non is a real treasure - delicious, beautiful, fragrant, unifying and reconciling… Its tender taste is impossible to forget! This traditional Uzbek bread symbolizes sun thanks to its rounded shape and baked yellow crust covered with sesame seeds.

Every meal in the East starts with the ritual: the eldest in the family picks up a loaf, breaks it into pieces and gives everyone who sits at the table.

It is believed that a slice of bread taken out of hands of a good man brings warmth and cheers you up. According to tradition, those who have shared the bread become friends.

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Lagman soup - a recipe that was invented by Uighurs and then spread to the entire Central Asia.

The recipe includes special seasoning – manhole, boiled noodles traditionally cooked manually, the gravy mutton meat, vegetables…all sprinkled with herbs.


One of the dishes that certainly should be tried at BAHOR - at least for reasons of alternative barbecue.

Not stewed, not braised, not even roasted, but cooked in a special classic cast iron kazan lamb. Juicy and served with fresh vegetables and crunchy potatoes.

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